The Online Professional Portrait

Is the picture in your online profile out of date? Does it look like it was shot by a drunk with tremors? Or is just not the image you want to present?

Model: Delphine Miller

The image you present to the world at large tells people more than just how to pick you out of a crowd. The quality of the image tells them how much you care about how they perceive you. If your profile image is a hastily captured snapshot with flat on camera flash, red eye and a dazed expression that you wish had never been recorded for posterity, that tells others that you’re careless about how you are seen by others. Even places as casual as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, first impressions matter.

If the photo is for your online dating profile for services like or eHarmony, a slapdash effort, a blurry, poorly lit photo that doesn’t show you at your best will send a message about you that you probably don’t want out there. Why sabotage your efforts to meet Mr. or Ms. Right?

When we’re talking about something more professional, like LinkedIn or your business’s fan page and Twitter stream, it’s even more important. Your profile may be the first chance you have to make an impression on a prospective employer. Maybe they don’t care, but why handicap yourself?

The Online Professional Portrait is a easy way to put that best foot forward with a professionally shot and flattering image that shows the real you.. This session is designed to produce high quality results with maximum convenience to you. I come to you and shoot the photos quickly in a place of your choosing. The results are posted online within 48 hours and the link sent to you via e-mail upon final payment. If you want prints from these shots, you can also order 8x10s, 5x7s and wallets from our web site.

Here’s how it works:

  • $120/hr with a one hour minimum. Travel outside Orange County, CA, and permits for special locations may incur extra costs.
  • I come to you. I’m available on weekends and many weekday evenings, in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and the Inland Empire.
  • When the shoot is over, pick your favorite image to keep and use however you like.

When it’s time to hire me, you’ll pay half up front, the remainder, minus $20, when the finished images are ready for inspection. The remaining $20 covers the cost of one downloaded image for your personal use. Of course, you have the option of purchasing more download, plus prints, at our normal rates.

If you grant permission to Castle Island Photography to use the photographs from this session to promote our business via this website, Facebook and Twitter, you will receive an additional $10 off your final downloaded image.